Our Services

LaRoche Petroleum Consultants, Ltd offers a full range of integrated engineering, geological, geophysical, and economic evaluation services including:


Reserve Evaluations, Estimations and Audits
Undeveloped Reserve and Resource Evaluation and Classification
Acquisitions and Divestitures
Reservoir and Reserve Evaluations of Unconventional Resources
Integrated Field Studies
Petrophysical / Log Analyses / Interpretation
Prospect or Exploration Program Analysis
Gas Plant and Pipeline Studies
Unitization Evaluations
Regulatory Filing and Compliance Evaluations


Financial Reporting Evaluations for SEC Filings
Economic Analyses for Lending Institutions
Fair Market Value Evaluations
Economic Evaluations for Hedging Strategies
Estate Evaluations
Acquisition Evaluations for Competitive Bid and Negotiated Transactions
Divestiture Evaluations and Data Presentations
Mineral and Royalty Evaluations
Ad Valorem Tax Evaluations
Operating Cost Analyses
Oil, Gas and NGL Pricing Analyses
Economic Program Conversions (ARIES, PHDWin, PEEP)


Geological and Geophysical Studies
Integrated Field Studies
Subsurface Structural Interpretation and Mapping
Petrophysical / Log Analyses / Interpretation
Field and Basin Geologic Studies
Prospect or Exploration Program Analysis
Reservoir Description and Core Analyses
Reservoir Volumetric Estimation


Bank Analyses & Reviews
Mineral & Royalty Evaluations
Secondary Lending Analyses
Project Financing
Expenditure Proposal Analyses
Basin Pipeline Evaluations
Prospect Reviews
Field Operations Inspections